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Flexible options to help our customers obtain equipment with the power, efficiency and technology they need.

Innovation in finance

From Thinkable to affordable

Because every situation is different, AGCO Finance offers comprehensive programs based on innovative financial products to meet individual needs. As a reliable and experienced agricultural funder, AGCO Finance is fully aware of the bespoke nature of agri businesses thereby delivering highly flexible financing options.

Hire Purchase

You decide what equipment to buy, negotiate the sale with the dealer and then sign a Hire Purchase agreement. Once all the repayments have been made you have the option to become the owner of the equipment...

Finance lease

The equipment is purchased by AGCO Finance and loaned to the customer for a fixed period.

Operating lease / Contract hire

You pay a hire rental to AGCO Finance, which allows you to use the equipment for the period specified. The rentals are normally lower than those with a HP or Finance lease agreement because you only pay for the usage not the full purchase price.

Purchase your tractor with AGCO Finance

AGCO Finance offers flexible options to help you obtain equipment with all the power, efficiency and technology you need. Offering tailor-made and sustainable financing solutions for your agricultural equipment

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Why choose AGCO FINANCE?

AGCO Finance builds partnerships based on trust.

AGCO Finance is able to provide the personal contact necessary for an effective and sustainable partnership.

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Assistance and commitment

AGCO Finance always takes the time to understand our customer’s requirements in order to provide a finance agreement that meets their specific needs.

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Your Benefits

Bespoke payment terms
Fast and easy credit / documentation process
Programs tailored to meet your cash flow needs
Convenient one-stop financing at your local AGCO dealer
Expert and professional service

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