Mowers, Conditioners, tedders and rakes equipment

Innovative and Efficient Mowers, conditioners, tedders & rakes

Massey Ferguson full-line of tractors includes a full line of equipment such as innovative as efficient: high quality, robust and energy-efficient of mowers, conditioners, tedders and rakes

MF hay tools and forage

Innovative & efficient

Massey Ferguson offer a full-line of equipment, including high quality, robust and energy-efficient Mowers, Conditioners, Tedders and Rakes.

MF mowers & Mowers conditioners

Innovative and Efficient Mowers & Mower Conditioners a sturdy and economical solution to the small and medium size farm without compromising on quality and finish.

MF tedders

Twelve MF models provide tedding widths from 4.5 metres to 12.70 metres. Each one offers easily adjusted spreading angles of 15, 18 and 20.5 degrees for adaptability in all forage and crop conditions.

MF rakes

Excellent raking quality, easy handling and a durable design – these qualities give you good reason to buy a Massey Ferguson single-rotor rake.

MF Hay & Forage

MF Hay and Forage solutions range from mowers to tedders and rakes with innovations in size, capacity and efficiency.

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MF hay tool the perfect add-on to your Tractor

Select the MF tractor that fits your need

MF 8S The Ultimate innovative Tractor

The MF 8S Tractor is a combination of pure muscle and refined power, providing power for larger, wider implements when you need it most

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MF 4700 Series

Three models in the Massey Ferguson MF 4700 Series are the first standard farm tractors for generations, from any manufacturer, which have been developed specifically for the demanding 75hp to 100hp sector.

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S effect By Massey Ferguson

New Massey Ferguson 95 - 400hp ‘S Effect’ tractors introduce extra efficiency, comfort, safety and style.

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