MF Always Running


MF provides a temporary replacement machine to ensure you can continue working with minimum interruption to maximise uptime while your tractors are being serviced or repaired.

MF Always Running, Your Courtesy Fleet

a range of courtesy tractors - from 100hp to 400hp –

Massey Ferguson customers can call on a replacement to keep going and get the job done when maintenance or repair is needed. we will provide to you the accurate information regarding your location.

Operations don't stop

At Massey Ferguson we know our customers can’t stop until the job is done and MF Always Running ensures the need for maintenance or repairs won’t stop operations.


Customer service and satisfaction have always been key to Massey Ferguson’s success and with ‘MF Always Running’ it is setting new standards. These will be less than one year old and specifically equipped to a high specification for livestock, mixed farming and arable work. With MF Always Running Massey Ferguson customers will always be able to get the job done.

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MF Products

MF 8S The Ultimate & innovative tractor

Discover the most disruptive and innovative tractor , straighforward, dependable and accessible. Offering the lowest running cost of the market

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MF 8700 S

The new MF 8700 S Series is a true high horsepower hero. Aimed at customers looking for low downtime, inspired design and undeniable power and torque, the MF 8700 S combines precision engineering with optimal efficiency.

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Finance Your Massey Ferguson

AGCO Finance offers attractive fixed rates together with cash flow matched repayment terms for complete real peace of mind.

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