MF Connect: 100% Connected every time, everywhere.

Connected to your machine every time everywhere

Turn valuable ag and machine data into improved uptime and efficiency

MF connect

Connected to your machine and access a world of services

MF connect enables you — and your dealer — to coordinate, optimise and seamlessly connect your fleet, to better manage maintenance and remotely monitor equipment in the field. MF Connect fleet monitoring system allows customers to keep a close eye on their Massey Ferguson built equipment as well as their whole fleet, including any other suitably equipped vehicle

Agrirouter: universal Data exchange platform

This universal data exchange platform lets you connect machinery and agricultural software, regardless of vendor or manufacturer. You can also determine who to exchange data with and to what extent. Agrirouter is your ticket to the digitalisation of agriculture, enabling you to retain control of your data.

MF Auto Guide: Guidance and steering system

This fully integrated guidance technology system helps reduce fatigue and minimise overlap during operations. Using satellite navigation ensures your machine is exactly where it needs to be, so you get the most out of every pass.

Farm Management Information Software (FMIS) Connections

You can exchange data between your mixed fleet and agricultural software products from different manufacturers and suppliers. Once set up, the system automatically works in the background, simplifies processes, and improves profitability.


Increased uptime for your machines, improved cost savings and the decision-making support you need to operate at a higher level of profitability.

Fleet management efficiency improvement

MF Connect enables you to monitor your entire machinery fleet, including those from other manufacturers that are fitted with the dedicated module.

Enable the predictive maintenance customer support

MF Connect enables you to monitor your entire machinery fleet, including those from other manufacturers that are fitted with the dedicated module.

Welcome IN MF smart Farming solutions

Fuse connects your Massey Ferguson machines and provides support driving more efficient decisions to reduce input costs and improve yields and profitability while respecting your data choices.

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MF Innovation

Precision and Smart farming solutions

Farm Management

Monitor machines, operate implements simply and effectively, analyse operations more closely and above all keep control of costs with our cutting edge farm management solutions.

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MF Taskdoc Pro

Task Doc wirelessly and securely transfers task files between your machine and your office without a data card or USB device, saving time and unnecessary work.

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MF Ag Command

Optimise your fleet performance by monitoring and reporting vehicle position, history and status. AgCommand makes this information available at your finger tips on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet devices.

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