Massey Ferguson Mid Range Tractors

A Various range covering all your needs from 75 to 220 HP

Most versatile combinations of power and performance, with legendary Massey Ferguson efficiency and reliability.

A full Mid Range tractor line From 75 to 220 HP

A modern, straighforward and dependable tractor range.

A modern, straighforward and dependable new range that's deliver value for money, high specs and comfort.These mid-range tractors offer the right combination performance and price for customers looking to get work done efficiently and cost effectively. Users can tailor the tractors to suit their specific needs with genuinely output enhancing options.

Setting new standards

With its entirely new - yet simple - design, manufactured in state of the art factories across the Globe, with efficient drivelines and high level of comfort, the MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 are definitely designed to be the new workhorse of the world.

Focus: MF 6700 S

The 6700S Series, our premium midrange tractor, gives you the four-wheel power and performance you need, the comfort and easy operation you want and the versatility to get the job done.

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Available Models

MF 4700   75-95 12*12
Dyna Synchroshift
MF 4700 M   82-100 12*12
Dyna 2
MF 5700   100-110 12*12
Synchro Mechanical
MF 5700 M   95-135 12*12
Dyna 2
MF 5700 DYNA 4   95-135 Dyna 4
MF 5700 S   95 -130 Dyna 4
Dyna 6
MF 6700   120 -130 12*12
Synchro Mechanical
New MF 6700 S   135 - 200 Dyna 6
Dyna VT
New MF 7700 S   155 - 220 Dyna 6
Dyna VT

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MF Mid range Tractor Champions

MF 5700 global series

Four highly versatile 100hp to 130hp tractors in the Massey Ferguson MF 5700 SL Series offer best in class visibility, manoeuvrability and transmission control.

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MF 4700 Series

Three models in the Massey Ferguson MF 4700 Series are the first standard farm tractors for generations, from any manufacturer, which have been developed specifically for the demanding 75hp to 100hp sector.

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S effect By Massey Ferguson

New Massey Ferguson 95 - 400hp ‘S Effect’ tractors introduce extra efficiency, comfort, safety and style.

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